I’ve completed two publishing internships: one with literary agent Mary Kole during her time at Moveable Type Management, and one with editor Theresa Cole at Entangled Publishing. Both have been incredibly insightful, and I learned a lot about querying, revising, tropes, and trends.

Back in 2014, my friend Kate Brauning and I joined freelance forces to offer a variety of editing services from query letter tune-ups to full manuscript edits. Kate is one of my critique partners, as well as a pretty awesome person and editor for Entangled.

For more information on my freelance work and rates, please visit K&A Editorial or feel free to contact me for references. Here are some testimonials from past and current clients:

“Alex assisted me with one of my YA fantasy manuscripts and its query letter. Her insights on my manuscript were intelligent and spot-on, helping me to polish one of the most critical aspects of my story. But she didn’t just point out the weaknesses, either. Her enthusiasm for her favorite parts of the manuscript gave me much-needed confidence to carry this story to completion. And her help with the query letter … my goodness, Alex is a WIZARD. Best money I’ve spent on query assistance. She truly went above and beyond helping me, not only offering insights and suggestions on what I’d written, but also providing amazing examples of different ways I could approach the query. I’m super grateful for her help and would recommend her to any writer struggling with that query letter.” – Sam Taylor

“I’ve been working with Alex for the last few months, and she has been incredibly thorough and extremely helpful when editing my manuscript. She is very prompt with her edits and always goes the extra mile to ensure that her notes are clear and detailed. Her suggestions were insightful and really helped to bring my manuscript to the next level. If you’re looking to make your work shine, then look no further.”
Kelly Kelly, YA writer 

“As a former screenwriter and author of 4 YA romantic comedy novels, I’ve worked with a lot of editors. From the moment Alex came onboard with my first foray into New Adult, I knew I’d lucked out. I’ve found her to be that rare combination of an editor who totally understands and supports my vision, while pushing me in all the best ways to grow as a writer. Under her guidance, every aspect of this story improved immeasurably: structure, character depth, the love story, and the humour. Alex never shied away from giving me hard notes and yet it was always done in a respectful manner and in a way that fired up my creative juices for the next round. I cannot recommend her enough and look forward to many more collaborations.”
Tellulah Darling, YA and New Adult romantic comedy author (GET REAL, September 2015)

“The services offered by K&A Editorial are invaluable to writers. Alex’s feedback on my query and first chapter gave me a fresh perspective on how to improve my work. Her enthusiasm and passion for writing shines through in the amount of detail and care she takes in her working with clients. I highly recommend K&A Editorial.”
Matthew Franks, author of THE MONSTER UNDERNEATH (April 2016)

“I recently worked with Alex [and her partner, Kate] and they are ABSOLUTELY wonderful. Alex has edited my query letter as well as my first cozy mystery novel, and the results were way beyond what I expected. She’s given me so much to think about with her edit letter as well as her inline comments, and she’s spotted tiny things that I never could’ve picked out myself that really enhance the story. She has even given me great ideas for additional twists and turns and ways to enhance the fun and games of the plot. She’s found a repeat customer here – thank you Alex!”
Gina, YA writer

“Alex is unparalleled as a copyeditor. Not only did she turn back the manuscript in record time, she gave a detailed explanation for nearly every note she gave me. She didn’t just strike something out, she told me why. For a very low cost, I got an amazing education in grammar! I’ll never confuse the n and m dash again! Alex is patient, intelligent and, like the best professional, kind. She never made me feel like I was bothering her—even with my many follow-up questions. (See what I did? N dash. M dash.) Thank you, Alex, for being so wise!”
Bethany Hensel, arts and entertainment writer, author of UNSTOPPABLE (Dec. 2013)

To get in touch about an project, current availability, or other questions, either send me an email or contact me through K&A’s site. Thanks!

My good friend and critique partner Blair Thornburgh also runs a freelance editorial service at Author Studio, and I also highly recommend her– she’s always pushed me to take my work to the next level, and while she’s not afraid to be honest, her humor never fails to bring a smile to my face when I get her notes.


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